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Birthday Thread (Re-Updated?)

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Birthday Thread (Re-Updated?)

Post by Amdiru on Wed 02 Mar 2011, 5:12 pm

Here is where shall we post when its a User´s birthday. In case you do not wish to display age, feel free to post your Birthday here and I shall post it here. I will make a list of birthdays right here.

Mew64 - January 23rd
Pokeh / Light Espeon - February 7th Light Espeon Kai Kai
Ascendant / Nightshadow - February 26th
Light Umbreon - March 9th Light Umbreon Kevin
Silver - April 23rd Arcanine Silver
Squirt - May 17th Squirtle
Ripred - May 27th
Solist Lugia - August 23rd Lugia
Patrick Carnahan - September 21st Lucario Patrick
RDMR / Ray - November 7th
Sunny - November 26th Charizard Sunny
Wyvern - November 29th Honchkrow Wyvern

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