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Roleplay Rules And Help

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Roleplay Rules And Help

Post by Amdiru on Mon 21 Feb 2011, 4:43 pm

This is a work in progress, more rules might be added.

How to make an RP?
In order to RP, you must have a past story, an explanation of the current situation, a set area or land where the characters will take action, and a Joining form. A Joining form is suggested to have the following. You can even grab this code as your own and add other things.


  • No Godmodding/Controlling other Characters
    You cannot do anything to another character unless you have permission from the owner of it to do so, not even kill them or anything! No matter how strong or weak your character is, you must keep this rule in mind. Its not like you can do anything to a person and it already becomes into nothing but pieces. Just keep an eye on your actions.
  • Roleplay post Length
    I know there´s some people who don't really know what to post, we´re not forcing you to write infinite amounts of paragraphs. I understand. At least 2 or 3 sentences is fine. But if you´re that kind of person who likes posting a lot, go ahead. We don't really mind. But! At least try to post enough details for other people to have an idea on what to do next.
  • Follow the Original poster's Lead
    Others are allowed to add rules to their Roleplays. You know, restrictions, limits, etc. Please keep your posts in-topic to the main goal and according to the person who made the RP.
  • Keep violence and other content to a minimum.
    PG-13 Roleplays are fine. But it is suggested to not allow any blood and gore in roleplays. There can be intense fights, but no flesh-shredding battles with lots of blood spilled. The same goes for any other stuff that seems for the older audience. I don't want to even mention it, but please stay out of it.
  • No "Out Of Character"/OoC Posts
    Don't, but please don't post anything unrelated to the RP. If there´s anything you wish to say, PM it to the others. There might be cases in which we allow you to tell some random extra stuff that has no point to be PMed. So, yeah.
  • Try to Post by Turns!
    Be patient and wait for others to post, especially if you're the maker of an RP. Either keep an order or post once everyday, or try giving people a couple of days to post. Also, if you´re busy with anything lately, let people know you´re not able to post for some time. You can also let other people use your characters for that moment, as long as you trust them enough and they understand the whole RP and the characters. But if you cant do any of this for any kind of reason, its okay! Please let others know when you´re back.

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