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The Concept of Time and Seasons in Orvalos

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The Concept of Time and Seasons in Orvalos

Post by Raze Talonhale on Fri 20 Jun 2014, 9:49 am

In Orvalos, the concept of time is similar to what we humans have. A whole day is 24 hours, a week is seven days, a month is 31 days. and a year is 12 months which each year is 372 days long. Orvalos has four seasons, similar to us.

The Seven Days of the week are in order:
Triadias (Sunday and the holy day of rest. This day is named after Trion)
Midias (Monday. Named after Midia)
Nymphias (Tuesday. Named after Nymphus)
Orsias (Wednesday. Named after Orsia)
Stritias (Thursday. Named after Stritia)
Morenthias (Friday. Named after Morenth)
Nailionias (Saturday. Named after Naith and Heilion)

The Twelve Months of Orvalos (in order)
Triadath (January)
Midiath (February)
Nymphiath (March)
Orsiath (April)
Stritiath (May)
Naithiath (June)
Heilionath (July)
Quiriq (August)
Lupalos (September)
Dracenebrae (October)
Felidane (November)
Avial (December)

The Four Season and when they start:
Naturebloom (Spring) starts Nymphiath 21
Sunweave (Summer) starts Naithiath 21 (longest day of the year; Summer Solstice)
Heatend (Autumn) Starts Lupalos 21
Chillwind (Winter) starts Avial 21 (shortest day of the year; Winter Solstice)

There is one sun and one moon.
- The moon appears every night at the same time. It is small and silver-white.
- 12 hours during the day and 12 hours for the night. Each day has 24 hours.

Holidays and Days of Celebration:

Dawn of the New Year (Avial 31st - Traidath 1st): basically New Year's Day
Celebration of Nature (Naithiath 21st): To celebrate Nature as Naturebloom comes to an end and Sunweave begins
The Lovers' Day (Midiath 14th): Valentine's Day
Day of Freedom (Heilionath 4th): Basically independence day, this is the day that the races of Orvalos were separated after a war that torn Titania apart, the event that caused the four major islands to form.
Day of Family (Felidane 24): basically a day for family to celebrate and have a large feast at the end of the day
Day of Chillwind's Time (Avial 25): basically its Christmas for everyone to celebrate Heatend's passing and Chillwind's arrival.
Raze Talonhale

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