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A Devastated Land

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A Devastated Land

Post by Amdiru on Sat 07 Jun 2014, 10:13 pm

Around the years of three-thousand, humans have developed enough technology to travel to other planets. However, their own planet has fallen under a state of decay, and only few places in Earth remain habitable by them. Humans then had to travel and establish themselves on other planets in order to survive. And such was done, the human race travelled across the Milky Way to seek places to stay in. Years passed, and they have successfully found life in other planets, life similar to humanity, and they were able to stay in these worlds... but there was an exception.

In a planet named Yarrik-Sogal, there lived many kinds of alien species who lived together in peace. The planet was actually known for being one of the most tranquil places in the galaxy, and many other creatures came and stayed in the planet to live in the silence. However, when humans found this planet, the first thing they did is attempt to colonize it. They were able to easily do so, since the aliens were defenceless, and removing their territory from them was a simple feat. However, these aliens eventually felt threatened by the fact humans were taking territory from them, and were afraid of being involved in a war. Unfortunately, before they could rise against the humans, the men took action first and sent in atomic bombs to destroy all life in the planet. Humans left Yarrik-Sogal and sent the bombs to the world, destroying everything in it...

But there were survivors.

??? - Bear
??? - Bird
??? - Cat
??? - Insect


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