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Kecleon Island

Pokemon Sky Temple and Seafoam Islands versions

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Pokemon Sky Temple and Seafoam Islands versions

Post by Wolfson on Sun 11 May 2014, 2:23 pm


I will create a list of Fakemon that I will create Pokemon Cards for. I'll upload the cards to both sites, so yeah. Look forward to it. You can add your own fakes, just add a good description so I can draw it or upload your own pic. I'll update as I draw them.

  1. Culuseed Grass
    -A seed with some leaves sprouting from the top. The middle has a hole where its eye is.
  2. Fesprout Grass
    -Sprout with a stub growing on the side. The seed from it's pre-evo is still attached to the bottom. Its head is a bud with the petals opening just enough for its eye to show.
  3. Flosight Grass/Dark
    -A flower with five petals, it has a big eye in the center and a toothy smile. Two leaves on its stem.
  4. Pupyro Fire
  5. Lupusear Fire
    -young wolf
  6. Alphire Fire
    -big wolf
  7. Finus Water
    -small plesiosaurus with orca colors
  8. Saurca Water
    -plesiosaurus with orca colors
  9. Plesiorca Water/Dragon
    -large plesiosaurus with orca colors
  10. Scurridae Normal
  11. Hoverdae Normal/Flying
    -flying squirrel
  12. Galumburd Flying/Normal
  13. Pacemburd Flying/Fairy
  14. Widdectus Bug/Poison
    -A small, round spider with a skull-like face, four legs and a red hourglass symbol on its back.
  15. Widdevour Bug/Poison
    -A large, rouns spider with a skull/like face, eight legs and a red hourglass symbol on its back.
  16. Sairpent Poison/Flying
    -A snake with wings and silver eyes.

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