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The World of the Kirin Wolves - Basic World Info (Constantly Being Updated)

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The World of the Kirin Wolves - Basic World Info (Constantly Being Updated)

Post by Raze Talonhale on Fri 02 May 2014, 10:55 pm

Orvalos translated means "Our Connected Lands." Orvalos is a large continent with several large islands connected to it by large bridges. This world has several gods that were all born at the same time.

The Almighty Trion "The Three Horned One": The Creator God and creator of the wolf races. He is the only Kirin Wolf God.

The Ever Shining Midia "The Sun's Mother": The Sun Goddess and creator of the dragon races. She is the sister of the Moon and takes the form of a white and golden dragon cloaked in ribbons of rainbow light.

The Forever Dark Nymphus "The Moon's Father": The Moon God and creator of the feline races. He is the brother of the Sun goddess and takes the form of a dark navy lion with a black mane that has star speckles in it.

The Mysterious Osria "The Ocean's King": The Ocean God and creator of all marine life and all bodies of water. He takes the form of a great sea serpent that looks oddly like a whale. Sometimes referred to as "Leviathan"

The Cloud Queen Stritia "The Sky's Beautiful Ruler": The Sky Goddess and creator of all avian life. She takes the form of a great eagle with long trailing tail feathers. Sometimes referred to as "Ziz"

The Solitary Earth Lord Morenth "The Earth's Great King": The Earth God and creator of most mammalian life that is not canine or feline. He takes the form of a beast with the body and head of a horse, front paws of a bear, hindquarters and horns of a bull, tail of an Okapi and tusks of a boar. Sometimes referred to as "Behemoth:

The Peaceful Naith "Mother Nature": The Nature Goddess and creator of all bug and plant life. She takes the form of a butterfly winged fairy whose wings are all colors of the rainbow.

The Passionate Heilion "The Lord of all Flames": The Fire God and creator of all reptilian life. He takes the form of a cobra with a mane of fire and scarlet scales with orange flame patterns.

Orvalos is home to many creatures. There are four larges islands connected to the main continent. Each island is home to one of the four major races of Orvalos and their sub-races.

The mainland of Orvalos is called Titania. This is the most mystery filled as it is rarely explored by any creature. It is home to great mountains, open plains, forests and even more mysterious creatures. Titania is home to the ancestors of the Wolf races, the Kirin Wolves.

The northern island is the first and the largest of the islands is home to the five Wolf races, Windscarred Island. This heavy forested island is home to five wolf races.

- Clan Lupus: The Wolf Clan (North)
- Clan Midianna: The Jackal Clan (West)
- Clan Longfang: The Coyote Clan  (East)
- Clan Shinehart: The Fox Clan (South West)
- The Exiled Clan (Clan Canis): The Dog Clan (South East)

The second largest and eastern island, Crystal Cove, is home to the Dragonkin. This island is home to five dragon races.

- Clan Classica: The Western Dragons
- Clan Oreinata: The Eastern Dragons
- Clan Queztal: The South American Dragons
- Clan Wyvera: The Wyverns
- Clan Drakana: The Drakes

The third island is the southern island, Leionos, is home to all the five feline clans.

- Clan Leo: The Lion Clan
- Clan Tigris: The Tiger Clan
- Clan Panthera: The Leopard Clan
- Clan Chetara: The Cheetah Clan
- Clan Juga: The Jaguar Clan

The Fourth western most island, Zeyer, is home to the Avian races. There are five major clans within the various clans of Zeyer.

- Clan Paragon: The Eagle Clan
- Clan Uragon: The Hawk Clan
- Clan Peregine: The Falcon Clan
- Clan Elegantas: The Swan Clan
- Clan Flaria: The Phoenix Clan
Raze Talonhale

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Re: The World of the Kirin Wolves - Basic World Info (Constantly Being Updated)

Post by Raze Talonhale on Fri 02 May 2014, 11:37 pm

.:The Wolf Race and Their Ancestors: The Kirin Wolves:.

The Ancestor Race: The Kirin Wolves

These great wolves are the rarest race on all of Orvalos. They live on the mainland, Titania. They are the ancestors of all the wolf races. They were created by Trion in his image, expect they only a single horn instead of three horns. They are usually seen on misty nights during full or crescent moons on the shores of lakes.

- They are wise and kind creatures. They are willing to part with knowledge if the one asking is capable of asking politely
- They are rarely seen outside forests.
- Their fur are usually greys, whites or blacks.
- Their names are usually based from elements or personality traits. Examples: Skye Cleverspark, Shade Bloodbane or Shina Whitewind.
- They don't always appear to a stranger, but they do if they need help or are in danger.
- There are five Kirin Wolves that are known as the Kirin Guardians that act as secret protectors of the five wolf clans. Each wolf clan is named after the Kirin Wolf that watches over them

They live in the Misted Mountain Forest and are seen mostly around the shores of the Fogged Lake.

Kirin Wolves are large wolves with white, grey or black fur with a single blade like horn and a flowing mane. They have hind legs that are hoofed and scaled like actual Kirin with long fur less tails that are scaled and have a single tuff of fur on the tip. The mane, tail tuff, and scales are usually any color. Their horns are always silver.

They have no organized groups

.:Clan Lupus: The Wolves:.

Clan Lupus lives in the northern most part of Windscarred Island. Their home is a dense forest. They are seen in a wide range of colors. Their colors usually depict what elemental magic they use. They are watched over by the Kirin Wolf Lupus. They are the closed to the Kirin Wolves than any of the others.

- Reds and Oranges are Fire users
- Pale Greens are Wind users
- Dark and Medium Blues are Water users
- Pale Blues are Ice users
- White are Light users
- Blacks and Greys are Darkness users
- Browns are Earth users
- Yellows are Lightning users
- Dark Greens are Nature users

They range from average to large in size and their blood are usually dark or light and rarely neon colors. Their eyes glow whenever they use their magic. They have the largest population among the five.

They have three organizations within their clan:

The Army: self explanatory. This is the clan's defense against other clans that attempt to attack their territory. They are the ones who send patrols and are seen guarding important places. They are often seen on the boarders. They mainly use magic, however, there are legions that are armed with actual weapons.

Shopkeepers Guild: this is the guild that regulates trade within the clan and with other clans. They handle the money and resources.

The Stone Masons: They are the architects of the Clan. They use magic to help them build everything. They are the master builders of Island

The Shrine Priests: They are exclusively white wolves, as white wolves are the only ones that can use Light magic. They use Light magic to help the sick and injured. They are usually seen tending to the poor and lame.

The Twisted Tree: The Clan Leader's den
The Sunlit Square: The Public meeting spot
The Branch Homes: The Housing District
The Goldenshine Plaza: The Shopping Distrist
The Shrine Tents: The Shrine Priests' hospital
Raze Talonhale

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Re: The World of the Kirin Wolves - Basic World Info (Constantly Being Updated)

Post by Raze Talonhale on Sat 03 May 2014, 7:28 am

.:Clan Midianna: The Jackals:.

The Jackals live in the western most part of Windscarred Island. Their home is a rocky forest with a small beach. But due to the dangerous sea creatures of the Wind-Zeyer Bay, their home can only be accessed through the forest or from flying. They are the second largest wolf clan. They are watched over by the Kirin Wolf Midianna.


- They are thin and range from small to medium. They are usually pale or pastel colored to more natural colors.
- They can only use four kinds of magic: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water
- There are rare occasion where Jackals can use Ice, Lightning and Metal magic
- They cannot harness the chaotic energies of Light and Dark magics. However, corrupted Jackals can wield Dark Magic by giving up their current elemental magic in exchange for the ability to control the chaotic spells of Dark magic.

There are several element based organizations within Midianna
The Flamedancers: Jackals that use Fire magic. Tend to be rebellious and passionate
The Waveriders: Jackals that use Water magic.  Calm, serene, compassionate and wise
The Skycallers: Jackals that use Wind magic. Free spirited, creative and playful
The Earthmovers: Jackals that use Earth magic. Stubborn, stern and level headed

There are smaller organizations for the Jackals that use the lesser elements
The Sparkjumpers: Jackals that use Lightning magic. Energetic and Determined
The Frostbreathers: Jackals that use Ice magic. Cold and Emotionless
The Ironworkers: Jackals that use Metal magic. Hard working and careful
The Darkened: Jackals that have been corrupted and use Dark magic. Devious, cruel and evil

The Stone Fangs: Steep and craggy cliffs that lay at the sides of the beach. Home to the Earthmovers and Ironworkers
The Silver Beach: The small beach that lays between the Stone Fangs and has silver sand. Home to the Waveriders and Frostbreathers
The Sunlight Plateau: A large flat rock that is always in the sun. Home to the Flamedancers and Sparkjumpers
The Sky Pillar: A large stone pillar that juts from the center of Clan's territory. Home to the Skycallers
The Black Willow: An old black barked willow tree that has a Jackal sized hole that acts as an entrance way to an underground series of caves. Home to the Darkened.
Raze Talonhale

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Re: The World of the Kirin Wolves - Basic World Info (Constantly Being Updated)

Post by Raze Talonhale on Thu 19 Jun 2014, 6:32 pm

.:Clan Longfang: The Coyotes:.

This clan lives in the mostly flat eastern part of Windscarred Island. They generally avoid contact with clan outside the island. They often feel threatened due to Crystal Cove, the land of the dragonkin, being just across the Crystal-Wind Bay. This clan is watched over by the Kirin Wolf Longfang.

- They are mostly medium sized wolves that are mostly earthy to black-grey-white colors. The more pale Coyotes have pastel tints in their fur
- They only use certain elemental magic. Generally they use only Nature, Water, Earth and Wind magics.
- They are timid due to the sinking feeling that they're going to be ravaged by the Dragonkin of Crystal Cove one day.
- They often trade with the Jackals, who have managed to create weapons that can combat dragons. They have a secret storage hole where they keep said weapons.
- Like the Jackals, they cannot use Light or Dark magics. Corrupted Coyotes, like the Jackals, can give up their current elemental magic to gain Dark Magic.

The Gladetenders: Coyotes with Nature Magic. Gentle, Kind and Peaceful
The Tidekeepers: Coyotes with Water Magic. Serene, Wise and Insightful
The Stoneclimbers: Coyotes with Earth Magic. Stern, Careful and Tolerate
The Windbenders: Coyotes with Wind Magic. Free Spirited, Ambitious and Thrill seeking
The Shadowwalkers: Coyotes with Dark Magic. Cruel, Murderous and Cunning

Buildings / Areas:
The Craved Cove: A large cave that had been carved into the side of a cliff by the ocean. Home to the leaders of the Longfang Clan
The Rocky Plains: The main part of the Longfang territory. A great flat plain with rock pillars jutting from it. Home to the Windbenders and Stoneclimbers.
The Iridescent Shore:The beach that spans the entire eastern coast of the island. Its sands are white as snow. Home to the Tidekeepers.
The Seaward Woods: A small forest that grows on the edge of the shores. It thrives on the ocean water that cascades onto the land. Home to the Gladetenders.
The Darkened Hole: A storage hole near the Craved Cove that holds dragon slaying weapons within it. It is also a prison for the Shadowwalkers, corrupted Coyotes.
Raze Talonhale

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Re: The World of the Kirin Wolves - Basic World Info (Constantly Being Updated)

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