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New Race for HvK: Dracotaurs

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New Race for HvK: Dracotaurs

Post by Raze Talonhale on Tue 15 Apr 2014, 6:58 pm

eeeeeeeyyy, I'm here with a new race of creatures for the world of HvK. they are of my creation. please enjoy.

.:Centaurus: The Unknown Continent:.

This land is opposite of the Wolf Continent. This land is virtually unknown to the Wolves and the creatures of Centaurus have no idea the the Wolves even exist. They have no contact with the outside world and have to way to contact even if they knew there were other lands out there. This land is home to the apex predators, the Dracotaurs.

- Highly aggressive to other predators
- Usually peaceful until provoked
- Very powerful and are thought be able to hunt anything
- They have large packs

Loch Longfang is located in the Northwest. It has huge rock pillars the pierce its usually calm surface. It has the largest variety of fish in the land. It has a variety of animals that live on the shores as well as aquatic plants and wildlife.

Blackthorn Woods is one of the three locations for Dracotaur packs. The trees of Blackthorn are dark and have large thorns. The forest is thick and sunlight rarely shines in this forest. The forest is home to various species of small and medium birds and large herds of deer. There are also Spearhorn Elk and orchards of fruit trees, moss and long grasses.

The Skyclaw Mountains is the largest mountain range in Centaurus. The Dracotaurs that live here are expert climbers that can scale cliffs easily. Craghorn Mountain Goats, Stonetusk Mammoths, White-tipped Eagles, Red Winged Hawks, Snow Leopards, Long Tailed Mountain Elk as well as small birds and plants that can survive high altitudes.

The Sunstrike Plains A vibrant Savannah that is bathed in sunlight. The Dracotaur here are the best runners of them. The plains are believed of all light magic in Centaurus. Beasts and plants of Savannah are plentiful. The Dracotaur here have harnessed the power of the abundant Light magic. The Plains are the only open air, flat area in Centaurus.

There are three organizations with Dracotaur Society:

The Bloodclaw Crusaders: They are the warriors of the Dracotaur. They have crimson tattoos on their shoulders and chests to show their dedication to protection of their kin. Their ranks are Soldier, Captain, General, Commander and the highest rank is Shogun. Usually leaders of clans are Shoguns.

The Shadeshifters: They are the mages who can use magic to detect living creatures. They use whatever magic they have the most control over. They have beads weaved into their manes and sky blue tattoos. Their ranks are Apprentice, Novice, Master, Wizard, and their highest rank is Sorcerer.

The Woundbinders: They are Dracotaurs healers. They are trained to know every plant that has any possible healing properties. They have little combat training and wear birdskull necklaces and have green tattoos. Their ranks are Nurse, Doctor, Cleric, Priest and their highest rank is Shaman.

Example of a Dracotaur:
Name: Void Abyssclaw
Gender: Male
Clan: Dracotaur
Species: Dracotaur
Appearance: Void is 10' tall and 9' in length. The upper body of a Dracotaur is that of a western dragon and hindquarters are the lower body of a quadrupedal western. He has large wings where his upper bodies meet his lower body, but is incapable of flight. He has a lion-like mane that runs down his backs and onto his tail. His four legs have large round paws with four toes and thick claws. He have eight eyes that are bright yellow and two sets of stag-like antlers. He has a single horn coming off of their muzzles that they use to charge and heave their opponents into the air. They have large, muscular arms that have red guards and their claws are long and hooked and can shred through almost any kind of metal. Their fangs are long and sharp and can pierce the shells of their main prey item, the Ironshell Behemoths.
Magic/Physical Abilities: Void is an excellent runner. His wings are not capable of allowing flight, instead he uses them to help increase his jumping ability. He has incredible arm strength and has long hooked claws that can tear through tempered steel. He can use the guards on his arms as shields when under attack. He can also spit streams of violet fire that contains powerful toxins.
Organization: Void belongs to the Landrisers, a group of earth magic using Coyotes.
Bio: Void was summoned to the land by the Meigerian. They believed him to be a "Gift of the Gods." He is now stuck in a new land, Void had lived with the Meigerian for a few years before leaving to seek out a way back to this old home.
Other? Void has crimson red tribal tattoos on his shoulders and chest.
Raze Talonhale

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Re: New Race for HvK: Dracotaurs

Post by Raze Talonhale on Fri 04 Jul 2014, 11:30 am

.:Minor Information:.

Dracotaurs have different appearances depending on where they live. This is how they identify others. However, they all share some features.

All Dracotaur have eight yellow eyes and four pronged horns that are cyan tipped.

Blackthorn Dracotaur are generally lean built with red gauntlet like shields on their arms that have an orange pattern. They are generally all black with hints of violet in their manes and claws. Their horns are violet with cyan blue tips. This coloration is due to living in a pitch black forest with very little sunlight.

Skyclaw Dracotaur have a bulky build, making them the slowest of the Dracotaur species. They are generally grey in color and have mossy green or off-white hints in their mane and along their backs. Their horns are mossy green with the cyan tips. They lack the gauntlets of their Blackthorn cousins, but instead they have powerful talons with long claws that aid in climbing. They have the smallest wings as well.

Sunstrike Dracotaur are the brightest Dracotaur when it comes to coloration. They are generally white, pastel green or pastel yellow. They have hints of gold or turquoise in their manes. Their horns are golden with cyan tips. They lack gauntlets but they have long feathers that come off their forearms. They are the smallest Dracotaur.
Raze Talonhale

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